Sean Waxman – Leadership, Weightlifting, & The Growth Mindset – Episode 261

Our guest this week is as humble as he is accomplished. You can tell as soon as you walk into his facility, which just so happens to be one of the oldest weightlifting gyms in the country, that you are stepping into a historic place.

We are taking about Sean Waxman. Sean has been a coach and athlete in the sport of weightlifting before it was even popular in the US. He has been a player in growing the sport to where it is today and has trained with and coached some of the best athletes in the sport.

In this week’s episode, we dive into what Sean is doing to create elite-level weightlifters, his coaching and leadership style, and the history of the sport of weightlifting.

After the show, be sure to check out Sean’s Weightlifting ratio calculator to see where you need to focus your efforts to improve your snatch, clean and jerk.

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Exercises For Arm Growth: Your Ticket To Bigger Guns

T-Nation’s Joel Seedman gives us tips about biceps exercises that can help with arm growth. These are quite effective in enhancing biceps and stimulating the muscle group. These six variations will surely make it happen for you.

One good example is the standing curl. This is an awesome mass-builder because it’s got more tension throughout the entire movement. Check out the authors tips on how to execute this exercise correctly.

The Kettlebell Cure for Small Biceps

Kettlebells provide exclusive benefits and unique kinds of biceps stimulation that are difficult to replicate with dumbbells and barbells. Here are six variations of biceps curls for new arm growth. Read more…

Muscle and Performance gives us the best biceps exercises for all time. You can go ahead and check out exercise #1 – it’s going to help you build solid arms in no time.

It also helps to add variation in your training. When there are deviations in the movement, you stimulate different muscle fibers in a lot of ways. This initiates an even more balanced growth.

Top 10 Best Biceps Exercises

And when it comes to our ranking of biceps exercises, we admit it: You could skip right to No. 1 on this list (spoiler alert: it’s the barbell curl) and do that move as your sole biceps workout every week. And guess what? You’d likely build some pretty impressive peaks. It’s really that good. Read more…

Muscle and Fitness tells us about these top exercises that can add some serious arm mass. We’ve read multiple magazines and we’ve seen their promises how we can add inches to our arm mass. 

Take note though that this kind of workout is a lot different than the normal ones. This focuses on the arms alone and you work on your biceps and triceps. Check it out below:

Peak Arms: The Ultimate Arms Workout

That’s probably what you’re muttering under your breath when the gym’s resident hottie reassures you that she will call—for the fifth straight week—and the phone has yet to ring. But, alas, we’re instead referring to something that really would impress her: a pair of magnum-force guns. Read more…

ATHLEAN-X™ shares their tips how to make your guns bigger:

If you’ve been getting serious with weight lifting lately, Liquid Grip can help you. It can aid your performance better in terms of a sturdy grip. It stabilizes your lift and you don’t have to worry about slips.

Weightlifters do not have to worry about their grip giving out first. Liquid Grip helps them lift heavier weights and use their larger muscle groups. Liquid chalk ensures that you get to build a strong foundation for your arms, and you can definitely do that with this product.

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David Weck on Locomotion, Squatting More and the BOSU® BALL – Episode 260

If I were to tell you that using a BOSU® ball would help you squat more, would you believe us? Yes, we are talking about that half dome stability ball thing that sits in the corner at the globo gyms of the world.

Before you write off the BOSU® ball to the same category as the Shake Weight, you need to watch this episode. In this edition of Shrugged, we interview the inventor of the BOSU, David Weck, and it turns out there is more to this tool than meets the eye. David has dedicated his career to understanding biomechanics and how to help athletes move better. While his tools and methods are certainly unique, they are also every effective.

In this episode we dive into all the experiments and practices David has explored and how he is helping professional athletes with his method. You’ll probably learn some things you have never heard before and you get to see Doug bitch slap him in the face. Multiple times.

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Train Like A Gymnast, Get A Body Like A Gymnast

Breaking Muscle gives us an idea how gymnastics can build your body in just a matter of weeks. The skills involved are specifically designed to build on each other for the first eight weeks.

The last four will be about combining past and new skills and turning them into complex routines that mimic portions of floors and ring routines. The workouts can be performed five days every week.

Train Like A Gymnast: Bodyweight Skills, Strength, And Flexibility

The skills in this cycle of gymnastics workouts are designed to build on each other over the first eight weeks. The final four weeks will be putting past skills and new skills together into complexes that are designed to resemble portions of a floors and ring routine. Read more…

We’re familiar with how a gymnast’s body looks like. For people who aren’t so observant, these athletes have super defined muscles and low body fat. If you want a gymnast’s body, you’ve got to train like one. Their awesome physique comes from their own training methods.

Their main purpose is to train for developing their strength, power, balance, coordination, agility and conditioning. Their bodies show off the side effect of their practice more than the actual goal.

How to Build a Gymnast Body

Perform cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, sprinting and interval training to build stamina and lose body fat. Gymnasts perform a variety of cardiovascular exercises to be able to have the stamina for long practices and meets. Read more…

Let’s take Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson’s tips how to develop core muscles using this abs exercise. She may have retired from gymnastics after winning at the 2008 Beijing Olympics but fitness takes priority in her life.

This exercise is a huge part of her daily ritual. She took some time getting used to normal workouts because she was long exposed to elite athlete-level exercises. Let’s find out more about her tips on her daily exercise routine:

The Gymnastics Abs Exercise Shawn Johnson Still Does Almost Every Day

After several years of learning and adapting to her post-gymnastics life, Johnson finally feels great about her balanced workout schedule—she hits the gym four to five times a week for 30 minutes to an hour, she says. Read more…

ATHLEAN-X™ says you can Get Abs Like a Gymnast (AT HOME!!). Check this video:

Liquid Grip helps you perform efficiently especially if you’re starting to get the hang of complex routines in your gymnastics inspired training. It’s a versatile product that you can carry around and it’s simple to use.

It’s great because you can use it on any active sport or exercise training that obliges you to have an effective grip.

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Getting UNPLUGGED w/ Brian Mckenzie & Andy Galpin – Episode 259

Sleep apps, and heart rate monitors, and supplements, and air conditioners, and coffee, and more coffee. We live in an optimized world, and it is making us weak.

In episode 259, we are bringing Brian Mckenzie (@iamunscared) and Andy Galpin (@drandygalpin) back to talk about the research they are doing around performance, and what it means to be a resilient human in a comfortable world.

Never before have we had it so easy, and although we are training and optimizing our diet, our comfy lifestyle is holding us back from being as strong as we could be. It is one thing to have a training routine, but as soon as we go back to our air conditioned rooms and perfectly organized lifestyle, we lose the ability to adapt to the stress that our body has evolved to feel.

Brian and Andy have co-authored a book called Unplugged, and in it they have put in the work and laid out the practices we can adopt (and the one’s we need to abandon) if we want to create a resilient body and mind.

Get Unplugged by Brian and Andy here

Every athlete should listen to this episode. If you want to learn how to build mental toughness, and a stress adapted body, you can head over to amazon and pre order the book.

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Boost Sports Performance Liquid Grip

These are the excellent workouts that you can use in order to boost sports performance. Whether you’re looking for a good workout for your off-season training, or simply searching for something that can pump up your fitness level, check these out.

If you’re a football athlete, Muscle and Strength has got some serious tips for you. Get ready to put your strength coaches into shock while dominating your competition. You can totally envision yourself picking up that trophy and celebrating victory with your teammates.

Turn that vision into reality with this off season football workout with these techniques. Maintaining your muscle mass, strength, endurance and play are all part of the program. It can get quite challenging for some. That’s why make use of the tips from the M and S team:

Dominate the Combine: Complete Off Season Football Workout

The time of the year is almost upon us. Friday night lights, Saturday College Gameday, NFL Sundays and Monday Night Football are right around the corner. The start of football season for adults is what Christmas, Easter, Birthday’s, and summer vacation combined are to children. Read more…

If you play during the pro baseball season, you might be familiar with late nights, early wake-up calls and long rides. All of these tend to take a toll on your sleeping habits. Their diets aren’t the typical healthy kind as well. Does this sound familiar to you?

Well, let’s make it simple. Lack of sleep, not-so-healthy diet, and a good amount of alcohol. If this applies to you, you may have a lot in common with these athletes. They need to do a lot this off season to make up for this kind of lifestyle. How will they do it?  Check out T-Nation’s Off-Season Strength Program.

The Regular Guy Off-Season Strength Program

Pop quiz, hotshot. You need to add some plates to the bar and pack some meat on your bones. You’ve got precious few weeks to accomplish both, but only have four days per week to train. What do you do? What do you do? Read more…

Body Builders Reality checks up with Ed Brown Jr. how he pulls it off. He shares about his own style of off season training. It involves a lot of careful planning in dieting and exercise. A careful approach is also best especially if you’re training for size. You’ve got to be systematic and organized if you want get actual results.

This is a great technique especially if you want to see progress in your workout. Check his guidelines below and start transforming your body during this season:

Off Season Bodybuilding Training With Ed Brown, Jr!

Ed Brown, Jr spent months preparing for the Mr. Universe contest where he placed top 5.  A week later he placed 2nd in the Open Division of The Branch Warren Classic.

The dieting is done, the contest pics have been taken and Ed has taken a nice break from his training. Read more…

Check out this off season training with Ed Brown Jr:

Boost sports performance and maintain your prime condition.  Whether you’re preparing for your next season or simply want to retain a great overall fitness, this one’s for you.

Since we’re talking about boosting performance, this is the most fantastic way of pushing your limits. Other products may not perform as well as this one.

Our liquid chalk ensures that when it comes to any kind of bodybuilding training, your upper body will have the strength it needs to get stronger. How can that be assured?

This product was made because of cutting edge technology that can result into an effective grip during your activities. This is a new type of formula that facilitates an improved grip when you perform.

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The Conditioning Tool You are Probably Not Using with Aaron Guyett – Episode 258

When was the last time you did a conditioning piece that you actually enjoyed? Chances are you don’t find long spouts on the air dyne or rower all too fun. There is value in those tools, but this week we are talking with Aaron Guyett about a tool that is often over looked when it comes to metabolic conditioning. We are talking about the battle ropes.

Aaron is the master instructor for Onnit Academy’s battle rope program, and runs a facility in CA called Innovative results. We met up with him at his facility to talk about how you can use battle ropes in your conditioning workouts.

When it comes to using battle ropes, most of us just know one or two exercises that we saw on Instagram. In this episode, Aaron dives into all the different movement patterns and practical applications that battle ropes have including grip strength, power, and the ability to train all 3 metabolic pathways.

Tune in for this one and make sure to catch the break where Aaron does a hands on demo with the battle ropes.

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The Things You Can Learn From CrossFit

In the fitness world, everything is set up in a routine manner that you start feeling kind of “ordinary”.  This exercise is the most wonderful thing that happened to fitness ever since the barbell was invented. Whatever it is you want to believe, here are some facts about this exercise and how it gave a positive effect to the fitness community.

Take a look at the five universal things about this activity. You’ll definitely feel the drive to try this out. You never know; you can possibly achieve your fitness goals here.

5 Things You Can Learn

A long time ago, the local gym was a community of people who talked, shared ideas, helped each other, and gave encouragement. It was a place you looked forward to showing up, meeting up with lifting buddies, and sharing a funny story or two all while getting in some hardcore workouts. It was the place to be. Read more…

The Athletic Build says that there’s more to this exercise than what you see on YouTube or the articles that you’ve read over the Internet. There are a lot of lessons for you to learn regarding this sport – it’s even applicable for both athletes and coaches.

The community involved in this activity is not just an ordinary one. You might have trouble getting yourself through the front door of the gym, or you may have issues with motivation but the fact remains that fellow CrossFitters are there to support you. The community has successfully built a great atmosphere for trainees specifically aiming towards camaraderie and competition.

4 Things About this Activity

I’m sure you’ve watched your fair share of fail videos on YouTube but truth be told, there are probably a number of important lessons that you can learn from all the flailing, puking, and double unders. Read more…

Iron Man Mag Australia has got these amazing facts about the sport. They tapped CrossFit and bodybuilding champion Matt Nicholson and he discussed the things he’s learned from both fields.

Find out how the activity has pumped up his bodybuilding training. He said that he fell in love with the spontaneous and intensive activities done by CrossFitters. In addition to that, the techniques learned can be applied to traditional hypertrophy training which improves performance as an end result.

5 Things About CrossFit

After 30+ years of bodybuilding training and competing, I came across CrossFit while surfing the net. As a bodybuilder I loved the spontaneity and intense training that CrossFit offered and I got excited about trying something new. Read more…

Be inspired with this video:

Because of the versatility in the equipment and gears used for this activity, you’ll need something that can promote a better grip or handle when it comes to performing your WODs.

In this kind of training, “routine” is not a recognized word. There are different activities everyday and you’ll need to perform challenging workouts daily. What’s a better way to boost your grip plus your performance? Liquid Grip, of course!

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