Month: September 2015

Real Science, Bro. The Latest Strength Research

This week on Barbell Shrugged, we visit the Human Performance Lab’s of Cal State Fullerton to discuss the latest Sports Science with our long-time friend, Dr. Andy Galpin.

This is one of the top educational programs in the country, with multiple teaching, research and training spaces filled with some of the brightest minds in strength and conditioning. And while you don’t know them all by name yet, their work will likely influence the way you train and coach at some point in the very near future.

As you can tell by the goggles and lab coats, we came prepared to handle some serious knowledge bombs on this episode. So be warned, things could get a little geeky.

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Pak to Endo – “The Shaw”

I’ve posted this awesome sequence before. But it’s worth watching again.

Monica Shaw from Rocky Mountain Gymnastics. She went on to compete for Utah.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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Italian Championships

1 Tea Ugrin 56.050
2 Elisa Meneghini 55.750
3 Erika Fasana 55.650

full results (bonus in effect)

Giuly Holzer:

Italian Nationals took place in Turin last weekend (26-26 September). Vanessa Ferrari was absent again due pain on her Achilles tendon, and her participation at the world championships in Glasgow is still in danger.

The overall feeling after this competition wasn’t encouraging for the team since the AA competition was riddled with many mistakes and just 2 top gymnasts didn’t count a fall. …

If there’s a good apparatus for Italy, this is floor. There’s a huge depth and the second score behind the USA that Italy got at last year’s team final, can be repeated this year. …

After this competition the choice for the girls going to Glasgow is even more complicated. …

Couch Gymnast

Italian Nationals

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