Month: October 2015

Worlds Apparatus Finals day 1

Click PLAY or watch a rebroadcast on YouTube. (Geo-blocked in some regions.) #Glasgow2015

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More individuals qualified to the 2016 Olympic Games

In addition to those countries who have qualified teams to the 2016 Olympic Games, today, as winners of Individual Apparatus medals, the following have secured a place at the Olympic Games in Rio: Rayderley Miguel Zapata Santana (Spain) bronze medal winner […]

World Rings Champion Petrounias


1. Petrounias, Eleftherios GRE (6.8 + 9.000 = 15.800) … to Rio!
2. You Hou CHN (7.0 + 8.733 = 15.733)
3. Liu Yang (6.9 + 8.800 = 15.700)

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Great final. But only 2 stuck dismounts, I believe.

I do like the final ranking. (The only prediction I’ve got correct, so far.) But all these guys are super human. It’s not easy to rank them.

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4 World Bars Champions


Yep. A four way tie.

1. Viktoria Komova RUS (6.6 + 8.766 = 15.366)
1. Fan Yilin CHN (6.9 + 8.466 = 15.366)
1. Madison Kocian USA (6.6 + 8.766 = 15.366)
1. Daria Spiridonova RUS (6.7 + 8.666 = 15.366)

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Ties are not broken at Worlds. They are at the Olympics. It makes no sense to me either. :-)



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World Pommel Champion Max Whitlock


1. Max Whitlock GBR (7.3 + 8.833 = 16.133)
2. Louis Smith GBR (7.2 + 8.833 = 16.033)
3. Harutyun Merdinyan ARM (7.2 + 8.833 = 16.033)
… to Rio! :-)
full results


Two fantastic routines for the home fans. I like the final ranking.

Louis Smith certainly got the job done in Glasgow. Respect.

Louis Smith

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World Vault Champion Maria Paseka


1. Maria Paseka (RUS) 15.666
2. Hong Un Jong (PRK) 15.633
3. Simone Biles (USA) 15.541

Questionable call. I felt Hong was clearly better than Paseka over the same two vaults.

It looked like Dipa from India might just medal. And qualify to the Olympics. But she had a poor landing on her 2nd Vault. (Kas + 1/1 twist)

Sadly Guilia was injured on landing. Looks like it was only a hyper-extended knee. This time.

FIG needs to change the competition mats. The one they use for Double-mini would be safer. New competition mats are too hard.

Mary-Anne Monckton knows all about these injuries. She calls for a return to the warm-up on the competition equipment just prior to competing.

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