World Vault Champion Maria Paseka


1. Maria Paseka (RUS) 15.666
2. Hong Un Jong (PRK) 15.633
3. Simone Biles (USA) 15.541

Questionable call. I felt Hong was clearly better than Paseka over the same two vaults.

It looked like Dipa from India might just medal. And qualify to the Olympics. But she had a poor landing on her 2nd Vault. (Kas + 1/1 twist)

Sadly Guilia was injured on landing. Looks like it was only a hyper-extended knee. This time.

FIG needs to change the competition mats. The one they use for Double-mini would be safer. New competition mats are too hard.

Mary-Anne Monckton knows all about these injuries. She calls for a return to the warm-up on the competition equipment just prior to competing.

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