Month: January 2016

Affair of the Art – Aerobic Gymnastics

Aerobics must appear playful, artfully intense, but never hurried. Look for rapid arm, leg and head movements as well as runs, jumps and distinctly aerobic planks and lifts done in unison with the music. All of this has to be done effortlessly.

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MAG 2020 Code of Points draft

Mens Gymnastics Australia Podcast is reviewing the DRAFT Code of Points. The review period is over end of January. No doubt there will be changes to the next draft.

But if you are interested NOW, click through.

General – Part 1 / 7 2017 Draft CoP Series

Floor – Part 2 / 7 2017 Draft CoP Series

Pommel – Part 3 / 7 2017 Draft CoP Series

MAG Australia podcast

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landing on one foot

At a recent coaching course one talking point was to teach kids to land simultaneously on two feet, knees over the toes. Equal weight on each foot.

We pointed out that landing on trampoline on one foot is dangerous. A potential ankle strain or sprain.

One of the coaches was into tricking. They break that rule. A lot.

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There are a couple of knee braces in there, note. :-(

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crying at Gymnastics

Anne Josephson:

Is pushing kids until they cry just a part of gymnastics?

Here is the answer: yes and no.

… there are times when kids cry for a host of reasons that are normal and acceptable, perhaps even good. Crying can release tension. It can cue us that what we are doing matters. It can let the adults around the child know that the child is in distress and may need comforting or further guidance.

So how is a parent to know when the tears are a warning sign versus when the tears are just a normal part of life? Here are some things to consider …


Tips To Console Your Crying Child
Tips To Console Your Crying Child


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Oklahoma intro video 2016

Very cool.

What’s wrong with being confident? The official 2016 OU women’s gymnastics intro video.

Click PLAY or watch it on Sooner Sports.

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coming up today Jan 30th – Metroplex Challenge vs LSU, Missouri, Stanford, Washington

related – K.J. Kindler profile – CHOREOGRAPHING A CULTURE


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More Endurance Training In Basketball: Off Season Tips

If you are a basketball player, whether an professional athlete or a college hooper, you know that training never stops even when it’s off season. Most hoopers continue to work out and engage in endurance training in basketball to keep themselves in shape and tiptop level of fitness.

Endurance training in this sport  involves working with heavy weights, which affects overall body strength. Jason Aberdeene of talks about this type of training in one of his articles.

Endurance Training in Basketball

Endurance training in basketball is essential for players looking to maintain stamina throughout an entire game as well as the entire season. Although endurance training can be performed off the basketball court, it is possible for you to increase stamina and endurance during practice through on-court conditioning drills. Read more…

Basketball coach Conor Doherty reveals to some pro tips on how you work on your endurance training during the off-season.

The Pro Secrets to Off-Season Training

Most professional athletes have the advantage of getting professional trainers to plan their off-season hockey, off season training, NHL, strength training program for them. Mostly everyone else doesn’t have that luxury. Read more…

Check out this great demonstration of how to train for stamina and endurance in this 5 minute video below.

This type of training is very broad and includes speed, weight, and strength exercises. Some of these moves require you to have good and strong hand grip, especially when training with weights. If you need more grip, then you can’t go wrong with Liquid Grip.

This innovative product is not as messy as chalk and doesn’t leave sticky residue while giving you impressive grip that lasts longer and washes off faster.

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