Month: February 2016

Rio Test Event registrations

Looks like Russia and Japan will send no female gymnasts. Happily, USA will send two. :-)

North Korea declined opening spots for one gymnast each from COL and IND.

GA_2016_TEV_Rio_Definitive Registrations

Here’s the official PDF.

(via The All Around Gymnastics News)

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Dwight Normile on the Code of Points

2016 marks the 10th year under the current Code of Points, which tried to repair an ineffective judging system from 2004 by creating — and adding — two separate scores: “Difficulty” and “Execution.” …

It is debatable whether this rather one-dimensional Code, which continues to get tweaked as problems arise, has actually improved the sport or its evaluation. …

The State of the Sport

10 Judging system

Dwight much preferred the perfect 10 Codes of Points, as do I.

Rewriting Russian Gymnastics weighs in. And agrees. IG – The State of the Sport

FIG Technical Committees have not done a good job of tweaking the open ended Codes, in my opinion. They are today at least as problematic as the 2004 perfect 10 Codes.

If you are interested in this topic, you’ll need to buy Dvora Meyers’ upcoming book July 5, 2016.

The End of the Perfect 10


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Canadian Olympic Committee spending


The Canadian Olympic Committee spent $2.9-million on a new boardroom, hundreds of thousands of dollars on outside lighting, and more than $1-million on a launch party for its new headquarters in Montreal. …

The project received $3.5-million from the government of Quebec, $3-million from the Canadian government and $2-million from the City of Montreal, in addition to private sponsorships and other revenues. …

Globe and Mail


‘It’s difficult to accept:’ Canadian Olympic Committee criticized over cost of new headquarters

Thanks Cordelia.

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Prince Albert Gymnastics SURVIVOR

For the second weekend in a row I was up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Despite being in one of the least populated areas in North America, this town of less than 40,000 people has a terrific Gymnastics Facility.


Prince Albert Aerials did an excellent job hosting an Artistic (WAG/MAG), Trampoline & Tumbling competition. Theme: Survivor. (Like the Reality T.V. show.)

Using the American J.O. rules for the first time really speeded up the judging. :-)

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Moreno & Lago to Olympic Test Meet

…  21-year-old Alexa Moreno and 20-year-old Ana Lago proved to be the two strongest gymnasts in the country and were thus chosen for the two available spots at the Olympic Test Event in Rio this April. Moreno placed first in the competition with a 53.2 while Lago was close behind with a 52.825. …


The fantastic Elsa García was not selected. At age-26, she’s considering her future.

Hopefully Elsa will stay on for the next quadrennial. I’m certain the Mexican team could use her leadership.

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Virtuosity in Photos: Push, Pull, Grind

Emilio Zuniga showcases the drive of Jose Luis Sanchez.

Photographer Emilio Zuniga met Jose Luis Sanchez the day these photos were taken. “He just showed up and started working. I was at the gym at the right time that day,” Zuniga recalled. Sanchez is a retired U.S. Marine who was wounded by an IED in late 2011 in Afghanistan. “Since then I have become an Adaptive Athlete hoping to inspire and motivate others,” Sanchez wrote on his Facebook page.

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