Gymnastics qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics

International Gymnastics magazine posted a summary of how Artistic gymnasts can be invited to the 2020 Olympics.

It’s a condensed version of this FIG document.


The main criticism online so far is a reduction of team size from 5 in Rio to 4 in Tokyo.

On the other hand, top teams like USA will most likely have 6 women in Tokyo rather than only 5 in Rio. The additional two will qualify as specialists.

Under the new system Iordache (for example) would already have qualified to Olympics based on her top 3 finish at Worlds 2015. That’s an improvement.

World Cups will be improved. And Continental Championships will become much more important. When is the North American Continental Championships, by the way? :-)

Specialists may decide to stay longer in the sport.

It looks like the Olympic Test Event will no longer qualify any competitor. It will be strictly a rehearsal for organizers.

Overall it looks like an improvement to me. Leave a comment if you foresee unintended negative consequences.

One thing everyone can agree upon is that Artistic Gymnastics should have more spots at the Olympics. It’s one of their highlight sports. I doubt that will happen until some of the Summer Olympic sports are moved to the Winter Olympics to better balance the two.


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