As Prescribed: Santa Cruz

Welcome to weird.

That’s how Santa Cruz, California, is known.

For more than a decade, the sleepy Northern California beach town of 63,000 has used the same branding campaign to encompass its idiosyncrasies: “Keep Santa Cruz Weird.”

The city is a mere 30 miles south of Silicon Valley, home to the likes of Apple, eBay, Facebook, Google, Intel, Netflix and Tesla. But it couldn’t be more different.

As the San Jose Mercury-News once described, Santa Cruz’s branding “seems like a diagnosis more than anything else.”

Hippies, drum circles, a man walking around town in pink women’s clothing—it’s weird, all right. But Santa Cruz is more than its eccentricity. It teems with life: from outdoor activities among the towering Redwoods, along perfectly carved cliffs and on the Pacific Ocean’s pristine beaches to homegrown eateries offering fresh, local fare.

Plus, it offers CrossFit athletes something other cities can’t: insight into the methodology’s history.

To read the entire article, click here.


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