Body of Knowledge  —  Prologue  — Origin Story


In the prologue, we introduce Kenny, Andy, and Josh who each tell their side of the show’s origin story. They individually explain their motivation for launching the project and provide context for what’s to come in volume 1. The first volume focuses on how human beings can change their minds and bodies to improve overall quality of life.


Kenny and Andy

“The conversations we have in this volume are more about just the science or just the fitness. We are all motivated by better health and wellness.” — Kenny Kane

The intersection of science and Fitness

Body of Knowledge is principally about the intersection of science and fitness, which will be released in volumes. Each volume will have a specific theme with respective episodes. The conversations are centered around health, fitness and wellness, but often go places the listener won’t expect.

The idea is to give listeners the scaffolding to make changes that we want and need as athletes. One of the main things identified are that the consequences of being wrong, are increasingly negative. One of the primary motivations around the conversations is that is ok to be wrong, it’s more about the conversations, the process and problem solving.

“Truth is only a lack of perspective. That’s it, right? When you think you have the truth to something, you haven’t looked at it deep enough.” — Dr. Andy Galpin

Connect with Kenny Kane

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